Apologies for not posting yesterday. But having had visitors for dinner, I was too knackered to write..
So yesterday.. Day 3. Fort William to Glasgow.. via Glencoe. Waking in the foothills of Ben Nevis, virtually in the clouds was pretty awesome. But it was raining.. a trend which continued all day. But I remembered the overshoes so at least my feet were warm and dry. After a microwave chicken burger from a petrol station at 7.30 in the morning (not the best start I admit) it was onwards up the hill. What to say about it… it’s an awe inspiring amazing stunning place. So go sere it.. but don’t cycle up it. Take a car…
First 5 hours were slow.. 45 miles slow. But the rain eventually stopped.. and my heros of the day Bryan and Tracey tracked me down in their camper.. took my bags.. and I managed to make up some time, rolling into Glasgow late afternoon. And then a fab steak dinner with the bubble girls.
And then.. today. Day 4. Balls and arse ! Didn’t start great having forgotten to plug my phone in the night before. But .. was awake at 5.20 and then ran around trying to get my stuff sorted. 6.40.. out the hotel.. into the rain. The got lost. And eventually made it to Bryan and Tracey to drop the bags. And lost a screw out of one of my shoes cleats. A good 90 minute delay.. including waiting for Halfords to open.. an encounter with a local who donated £2 and gave me a hug. Moments like that restore your faith in humanity.
Eventually back on the road.. and it was hard. The middle 3 hours was ok but can’t say I enjoyed it all. In some respects, the last 10 miles are so are the hardest.. not physically but mentally.. knowing you’re slow close, yet still a good 50 minutes to go.
And now.. in some strange Aussie bar / restaurant.. with loud music and noisy locals. But a decent chicken burger.. a pint.. starting to feel human