Not sure where to start with today.. felt pretty good to start. And after a couple of decent stints with breakfast and snacks thrown in, made good time. But then after lunch had a rear puncture.. and wasted a couple of hours in Halfords. It was nice not having to do it myself.. but i think it would have been quicker to just get on with it !!
Anyway.. progress after was slow.. into a headwind.. and it rained.. again !!!! So finally got here 13 hours after setting off.
Been trying to shed some weight from my bags.. as I’m carrying again tomorrow. My legs feel good.. but am really suffering with my wrists. Even typing this on a keyboard is a struggle for my left hand. So need to do everything i can to help my ride.
The bad news.. Bryan and Tracey are gone. They’ve been amazing.. and I’m eternally grateful to them.
The good news.. i pick up company on the road tomorrow.. so will have a wheel to follow. Makes a huge difference.
4 days to go..