Today it rained.. again. So thats rain 7 out of 8 days so far. Hoping that the final day is dry for the finish… fingers crossed.
But it has been a good day. 106 miles.. and feeling pretty good. Andy and Peter were complete stars.. and Graham joined us for a spell too. The more company the better with this.. keeping me going and heading for the finish. The first 60 miles weren’t too bad at all.. but after Exeter we properly hit the hills. Lots of climbing… lots of slow plodding up the hills. But the free miles after is always good.
Dropped by to see family today which was good.. and they fed us more bacon sandwiches (nothing wrong with having 2 breakfasts is there?).. and saw some cousins that i haven’t seen in too many years.
So all things considered.. a good day.
Tomorrow.. the last day. Not sure how i feel about it.. a bit sad if I’m honest .. the end of an adventure. It’ll take a few days for it to sink in I’m sure..
Also hit the wall today. Not physically.. but mentally. There were times when i was so tired that i though I couldn’t carry on. But in these situations you dig deep and make it through. Think that’s the story of the week.. finding your inner strength.