Greetings from Lands End. Which means I made it.. the end of a long emotional physically draining mental journey.
It’s been a hard day. More than 7000 ft of climbing.. almost 100 miles.. and without the help of Andy & Mike and the boys i don’t know if I would have made it. OK.. I might have made it but instead of sitting here with a pint of Guinness I’d me still out there peddling.
It’s hard to put into words how i feel now.. and it’ll probably take a few days for the emotions to come out. In the last few miles i fought back the tears.. and even at the end, i could have sat on the floor and cried. I probably did shed a tear.. not sure if it was tears of joy, relief, sadness… or something else.
But for tonight.. it’s dinner. A few beers.. and sleep. Tomorrow i go back to work