It’s Wednesday .. a few days after finishing my ride.
Physically i’m not doing too bad… the only lasting injury i have is a numb left hand. It seems it’s likely to be related to a trapped nerve and am hopeful that the osteopath will fix it (or at least attempt to fix it) on Friday. But it has made typing difficult – back to one handed keyboard operation – and eating is difficult as i can’t hold cutlery property.
Mentally, i’m not sure it’s sunk in yet.. both in terms of the craziness of the challenge i actually completed, and the come down now it’s over. Still feeling a bit lost.. empty.. but then this was probably to be expected. And there’s no time limit for it so have to stop worrying about it.
It’s odd thinking back to it. I seriously underestimated the task.. and while i’m not old, i’m not a spring chicken either. It’s amazing the strength you can find within yourself in these situations. In that respect, i learnt plenty about my determination and resolve.. and maybe about where my limits are. I’m sure i surprised a few people who didn’t believe I could do it..
Some have already asked what my next project is – it’s a simple reality that i seem to need a project – so will get thinking. But I have an idea… and if you thought I was mad doing this… 🙂
In the meantime, i’ve got lots of sorting of photos and videos to do, and will get these uploaded soon.