A huge thank you to those who made my ride possible…

My Family & Friends

Bryan and Tracey Leitch (and their wonderful tour bus)

Sadie and Dawn from Bubble Agency for all their support (and buying me a Steak dinner in Glasgow)

Stew Chaney and Mark Ballard @ Plus 4 Audio for sponsoring my kit, and surpising the hell out of me in Ludlow !

All those who rode with me.. Andy, Wiggy, Adrian & Jane, Peter, Mike, Jacko.. and the rest of the Cornwall cycling team

Rob and Dave from A&H who came to the finish to wave me in

Kelly @ TPI

Paul Robson @ Media Lease

Mark @ Citizen

Andy Baggy Robinson.. for everything he did.. website hosting, printing, motivation, and being a top bloke

Barney @ The Inside Story

Keith @ 5 Star Cases

Kevin and Susan @ Team 108 Singapore

Emma Bigg @ Octavius RE

Sabrina Leggio

And everyone who sponsored me, supported me and told me that I could do it…